Disclosing your disability to employers

Disclosing your disability means telling a potential employer that you have a disability. It is an individual decision. It is important to know that you have no legal obligation to disclose your disability unless it is likely to affect your job performance.

If you decide to tell your employer about your disability, you should remember to be positive and open. Talk about the strategies you would use to overcome the impact of your vision loss and the skills you have for doing the job. Emphasise your suitability for the role and discuss funding available for workplace modifications.

Ten tips to remember

  1. You have no legal obligation to disclose your disability unless it is likely to affect your job performance.
  2. The best time to disclose is usually when you meet the employer at a job interview.
  3. If you need mobility aids for an interview, you may need to disclose your disability before your interview.
  4. Be truthful when asked if you have a disability on a job application form, but add a note to explain the equipment you would use and funding available for workplace modifications.
  5. When you are offered an interview, ask if there will be any testing or forms to complete so you can prepare equipment to assist you.
  6. Practice disclosing your disability with family and friends.
  7. Be positive and affirm your suitability for the role. Use positive body language.
  8. As part of disclosure, explain how you would overcome any challenges in the workplace and give examples.
  9. Discuss funding available for workplace modifications.
  10. It is against the law for a prospective employer to discriminate against you because you have a disability.

I'm still unsure if I should disclose my disability

If you are certain that you are able to do the job without any modifications, it is not necessary to disclose.

If you are in any doubt, it is a good idea to tell your employer. Keep in mind that employers appreciate honesty but may or may not have any knowledge about vision impairment. Be open to explain how you do things. Think about what information would be important to you if you were the employer.

You can talk to us

Looking for work, interviews and securing a position can be stressful and nerve-wracking, particularly if you are a graduate or haven't had much experience with interviews.

Vision Australia is Australia's leading organisation for blindness and low vision and we offer a specialist service to support you though the process. We can listen to your concerns and offer useful tips and advice to assist you. We can also discuss disclosing your disability. If you have any concerns you can contact us for further information.