Dining out

There are a number of ways to make dining out easier for people who are blind or have low vision.

Where to sit?

Request a well-lit table or a table near a window when you make the booking.

If you have a dog guide, consider choosing a table away from the main thoroughfares to avoid waiters and patrons stepping on your dog.

What's on the table?

Use a trailing technique to locate items on the table and move items so that they are where you want them. Consider asking for candles, plates or other items to be removed if they are in your way and making it difficult to locate what you need.

Some restaurants may have menus in braille.

What's on my plate?

Be aware that restaurants sometimes put garnishes or small condiment containers on the plate. Ask for a description of the contents of the plate that positions the food either at the top, bottom, right and left of the plate or using a clock-face.

Contact us

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