Expression of interest open for Telelink social groups

08 October 2020

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Vision Australia identified the importance of keeping our clients connected and informed to the best of our ability.

Clients have joined our Telelink programs for a total of 8,211 hours through July to September this year. That’s a 20% increase from the same time last year.  

We have three new exciting programs that we are interested in piloting before the end of the year informed by feedback from our clients.

For these programs, participants will need to join through video conferencing.

Depending on interest, it is intended that these programs will run through November and early December.

You will have the opportunity to join like-minded people weekly with the sessions facilitated by one of our experienced volunteers. There is no cost to join one of these programs, but participants do need to be aged 18 and over.

Pilot Telelink Programs

Business Networking for Professionals

This program is designed for working professionals as a networking opportunity. We will have some guest speakers, you will be able to share your experiences and learn from others, and make long lasting connections to support you through your career.


This program is designed to take some time out. These will be guided meditation sessions where you will learn to relax your body and mind supporting your ongoing wellbeing. You will also be able to connect with other participants and share experiences.


This program is designed for those avid gamers. To be clear, we are not talking board games here but rather those that involve some screen time. It doesn’t matter what genre you prefer or what your preferred platform is, it’s an opportunity to connect with others. You may wish to discuss latest releases, maybe get recommendations from others, or simply hang out.   

All programs will be guided by the participants. If you are interested please contact our National Contact Centre on 1300 847 466. Expressions of interest to participate close on October 28, 2020 so act fast as space is limited.