Audio book and narration examples

As a library member you can access thousands of audio books through our collection. Many of these books have been recorded by our dedicated volunteer narrators. We also make use of synthetic voice narration to provide content such as newspapers, to make sure you to receive it as soon as possible. You can get a feeling for both our volunteer narrated audio and synthetic voice content by listening to some excerpts and examples below.

Talking book clips

Vision Australia narrators

The following audio samples have been narrated by Vision Australia volunteers:

Library news and events

February 2022

Vision Australia Library is pleased to announce our first ‘In Conversation’ author event for 2022, featuring very special guest, adventurer and Australian legend, Dick Smith.

Described by Paul Hogan as 'Part Bear Grylls, part Bill Gates, but 100% Aussie larrikin.’ Dick Smith is an icon of Australian business, philanthropy and aeronautics.