Access Technology training

"Having the voice on my computer changed my life. I could study again."

Richard sitting at a desk using adaptive technology on a computer

Access technology training opens up new pathways to employment, independent living, further education as well enhancing social interactions with family and friends. Learning how to best use Access Technology can be a challenge, but Vision Australia are here to assist.

Tailored training services using our person centred approach can be provided to clients, their family and friends, carers and employers.

Modes of training: face-to-face, one-on-one, group, online, over the phone, at home, at Vision Australia offices or community locations.

Classes on technology use and support, including (but not limited to):

  • Jaws
  • Zoomtext
  • General orientation to using iTunes
  • iPhone, iPad, Mac
  • VoiceOver
  • Online banking
  • Facebook
  • Skype


  • Using Computers Safely and Responsibly
  • Develop Keyboard Skills
  • Operate a Personal Computer
  • Produce Simple Word Processed Documents
  • Introduction to Email
  • Introduction to the Internet
  • Introduction to using Spreadsheets 

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Contact: Vision Australia
Phone: 1300 84 74 66
Note: Services can vary across states because of regional and funding differences

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Phone: 1300 84 74 66