Access the Library

As a Vision Australia library member you can access your reading materials from the i-access library catalogue in a variety of ways. A number of different options are outlined below and you can also find out more about accessing library content in this podcast.

Vision Australia Connect App

The free Vision Australia Connect App automatically connects you to the online library catalogue using your smartphone, iPad, tablet, or other compatible device. It is easy to download and use. 

You can either read material straight away (stream it with WiFi) or download (with WiFi) and read later when you're not connected to WiFi. The app allows you to quickly and easily search the online catalogue, find what you want and add it to your bookshelf. You can also listen to Vision Australia Radio podcasts via the app.

Download the app

You can download the Vision Australia Connect App for your suitable device here:

DAISY players

  • Stands for Digital Accessible Information System
  • A compact unit that allows you to listen to materials from start to finish just like a print book 
  • Automatically connects you to the Vision Australia online library catalogue and your selected materials
  • Immediately plays your selected books, magazines, newspapers and more
  • Bookmarks pages and chapters to make it easy for you to navigate
  • Resumes play from when you last listened. 

Software to access DAISY books

Find out more about software to access DAISY books

Other compatible devices

Library members can use their own devices to read library materials. This may include:

  • Own computer
  • Smart phone
  • Tablet / iPad
  • MP3 player like Victor Stream
  • Linio players and more.

Envoy Connect Audio Player

A small simple to use audiobook player which can hold up to 30 books and is designed for people who cannot use a smart product. Books need to be downloaded using software which connects to the i-access library catalogue. The Envoy Connect can be purchased from the Vision Australia Shop

i-access Kiosk software

The i-access Kiosk software allows you to easily choose the titles to be added or removed on the computer.  If you also have a portable Envoy Connect player, you can download audio books directly to the player. To download i-access Kiosk software, click here.


image of an Envoy connect audio player

Electronic or refreshable Braille display

You can use your electronic or refreshable Braille display device to access downloadable braille content via the i-access Online catalogue.


All members can borrow printed Braille books from the library free of charge. Books are posted to you free of charge via Australia Post.

eBook readers

eBook readers are becoming more user friendly for people who are blind or have low vision. Two of the more accessible eBook readers are the Kindle from Amazon, and the iBooks Store, which runs on several Apple devices including iPod Touch, iPad, and the iPhone Find out more about eBook readers.

Contact the library

For more information on Vision Australia’s Library service call 1300 654 656 or contact the Library. You can also connect with our services here.