Life hacks

Our life hacks series showcase some of the best tips and tricks our clients have discovered over the years for tackling everyday tasks.

Watch how John navigates his commute, see how Brittnee does her makeup without a mirror and learn from TV chef Tony on how to keep cooking confidently. 

Check out the latest life hack videos below, or find more videos from series one here.


Getting out and about

Video play icon. Man crossing the road

Crossing the lights

Video play icon. A man using a white cane and stepping up stairs


Video play icon. Man about to cross a railway crossing

Landmarks and getting to the train

Video play icon. John holds his phone up whilst he speaks in to it

GPS options

Make up and hair 

Scene from the video, pinning a bun at the back of her head

Hair ('mum bun') 

Scene from the video, Brittnee talks to camera

Using toothpaste 

Scene from the video, hair twisting

No heat curls 

Scene from video, a curly bun

Hair clip on 

Scene from video, Brittnee applying foundation

Make up: primer and foundation 

Scene from video, Brittnee on screen

Make up: brushes and differentiating products

Scene from video, Brittnee using makeup brush on her eyelid

Make up: smokey eye 

Scene from video, black eyeliner being applied to eyelid

Make up: eye liner 

Scene from video, eye brow pencil being applied to her eyebrow

Make up: eyebrows 

Scene from video, Brittnee applying lipstick

Make up: lipstick 


Scene from the video using socks as oven mits

Using socks as oven mits 

Scene from the video, using talking scales

Using talking scales 

Scene from the video, using a talking thermometer

Using a talking thermometer 

Scene from the video, lighting options in the kitchen

Lighting options in the kitchen 

Scene from the video, tips on cutting an onion

Tips on cutting an onion 

Scene from the video, tips on using pegs in the kitchen

Tips on using pegs in the kitchen 

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