Lily bakes for a cause through My Vision for Vision

14 December 2020

Vision Australia client Lily, 20, recently raised an impressive $919 dollars for Vision Australia using the new My Vision for Vision online platform.

Lily has been a client with Vision Australia all of her life, and over that time she has used various Vision Australia services such as orientation and mobility, occupational therapy and orthoptic services.

“Vision Australia and Seeing Eye Dogs have supported me throughout my entire life. They have enabled me to work, gain independence, live out of home, socialise, exercise, go to school and helped with visual aids and canes. They have been advocates for me when I needed it most.

“When I moved out of home the occupational therapy really made a difference mainly with things around the house, like putting stickers on things in the kitchen or labelling clothes in my wardrobe,” Lily said.

Lily wanted to run a fundraiser to help others who may not have the advantages she has had, and thought 2020 was as good a time as any to give back to the community and do something to brighten people’s day while in lockdown.

“One day the idea popped up on my Facebook, I saw other people were doing it, and I thought now that everyone’s stuck at home with COVID, now would be the time to reach everybody.

“I know how financially and emotionally burdening having a vision impairment can be, so anything I can do to help others have access to the supports I did is amazing to me,” Lily said.

Thanking her donors with home-made cupcakes, Lily was overwhelmed by the generosity and positivity she was show from her local community in Colac, Victoria.

“I thought about it and I was tossing up between chocolate and cupcakes, and I ended up doing both in the end, but I thought that cupcakes were like a happy medium, everyone likes a good cupcake!

“I was very surprised as I know how tough people have been having it during the pandemic and I’m very appreciative that people would take their time to help out. I really enjoyed holding the fundraiser,” Lily said.

Lily is still taking donations and delivering cupcakes in the Colac area, as well as Geelong. If you would like to donate to receive some cupcakes or would simply like to contribute from elsewhere in Australia, you can visit Lily’s My Vision for Vision page here.