Vision Australia webinar to help Sydney health professionals understand specialist blindness and low vision services

03 September 2020

Vision Australia is encouraging health professionals to better understand the importance and availability of specialist services for people who are blind or have low vision across metropolitan Sydney.

The leading blindness and low vision service provider is holding a free webinar on Tuesday, September 9, covering the wide range of specialist services Vision Australia provides, as well as how and when health professionals should refer patients.

Nabill Jacob, Vision Australia clinical relationships manager, said Vision Australia is looking to strengthen connections with referrers to ensure people who are blind or have low vision are receiving the best possible support. External clinicians are an important part of the circle of care and work closely with Vision Australia.

“Blindness or low vision can have a significant impact on the way people conduct their day to day lives. People experiencing vision loss are three times more likely to suffer depression and twice as likely to experience a decrease in social independence,” Nabill said.

The webinar will provide an overview of common eye conditions and their impacts a patient’s vision and daily life, and how a timely referral can improve outcomes of independence, social inclusion and employment.

The webinar will feature the three Vision Australia regional client service managers who oversee service delivery in metropolitan Sydney, as well as members of their local teams, who will present lived experiences and answer questions

“Vision Australia provides a wide range of specialist blindness and low vision services to people of all ages and circumstances across Sydney. It’s vital that health care professionals understand what’s available and the role they can play in supporting their patients to access support,” Nabill said.

“Health care professionals want the best for their patients and we’re confident that they will see the expertise and passion of our service providers and understand the difference Vision Australia can make in their lives.”

The “True impact of vision loss” webinar will be held via Zoom on Wednesday, September 9 from 6pm - 7pm. Register to secure your free spot today.

CPD point classification: this webinar constitutes a summary of an approved CPD session with Optometry Australia (2 points) and Orthoptics Australia. You may be eligible to self-allocate CPD points. CPD points may also be self-allocated by Occupational Therapists. Please check directly with your relevant professional body.