Rohan encourages young people to take the LEAP

30 July 2020

Young people aged 14-17 from across Australia who are blind or have low vision have been encouraged to apply for Vision Australia’s LEAP (Learn, Engage, Act, Perform) program.

2021 will be third year Vision Australia has run the LEAP program, with it designed to help participants develop and achieve goals in areas such as personal development and leadership, as well as put them on the path to their best vocational outcome.

LEAP 2019 participant Rohan, 19, said the program had a significant impact on his life and had helped develop a much stronger sense of self confidence. 

“I didn’t realise how much my life could be changed in such a short amount of time,” Rohan said.

“I’m now always looking for ways to change my life for now and into the future,” he said.

"Rohan in an outdoor cafe in Rome, wearing a red hat that reads "Roma""

PD: Rohan in an outdoor cafe in Rome, wearing a red hat that reads "Roma."

In particular, Rohan said the Magic Moments Camp portion was his highlight of the of the LEAP program. This involved LEAP participants taking part in a week-long camp with around 200 other similarly aged students.

“Through Magic Moments I made a lot of new friends with people and it solidified that I am passionate about things like kindness, gratitude, and listening to other people’s stories,” he said.

Rohan is currently studying a Bachelors of Psychological Sciences, with the aim of a career in clinical or health psychology and said his enrolment in the LEAP program had solidified his interest in helping others.

Having experienced LEAP firsthand, Rohan would encourage any young person who is blind or have low vision to take advantage of what the course has to offer, or any similar opportunities. 

“I would tell them to not be afraid and to give things a go, you never know what can happen. Some people don’t realise that, it’s good for people to look for change.”

Applications for LEAP 2021 are now open! To find out more about LEAP or to apply, click here.

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