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What is Telelink?

Telelink is our virtual social program that connects like-minded people across a wide range of interest areas nationally, either through telephone or video conferencing.

How does it work?

Groups of clients are linked together for an hour-long facilitated group session either via the phone or through video conferencing.

Depending on the program, these are delivered either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

We also deliver special, topic-specific, interest programs in January and July each year.

Who facilitates the sessions? 

A skilled volunteer facilitates the discussion, and is there to keep the conversation fun and interesting.

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How do I need to connect?

You will need a landline or mobile phone to connect to the programs delivered through telephone conference. The majority of our programs are delivered this way.

For programs delivered through video conference, you will need a suitable device and connection to the internet.

What are the types of Telelink Groups on Offer?

We have programs for everyone!

Groups where we support each other; groups to explore the world around us; groups to make the most of our time at home; groups where we have fun and games; and finally groups that help us with work.

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Accessing Telelink

Telelink is a complimentary service available to all Vision Australia clients aged 18 and over. This is made possible thanks to generous philanthropic support.

How do I join?

If eligible, you can refer yourself or have a family member, medical practitioner, or a community-based service refer you via:

Phone: 1300 84 74 66


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For language assistance telephone: 131 450 (Translating and Interpreting Service TIS National), and ask the operator to phone Vision Australia on 1300 847 466