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If you’ve been diagnosed with low vision or are blind and want a safe and open place to share your thoughts with others going through similar experiences, join our Quality Living Groups.


These emotional support groups are confidential, safe and supportive so you can discuss the issues relating to the impacts of vision loss.

Led by experienced coordinators, the groups also provide useful practical knowledge on how to function in the world with low vision – like adjusting things at home, building the confidence to move around your neighbourhood again, advice on maintaining friendships and understanding the easy to use technology options available to help you continue to do the things you love.

How do they work?

Time commitment: 2.5 hrs per week
Size: eight people maximum
Duration: eight week course


Group participants, including you, decide on the topics which best meet everyone’s needs.

The groups meet over-the-phone and on occasion in-person at a Vision Australia office.

I went from feeling completely lost and alone to all of a sudden having these group of people who completely understood how I was feeling. It made me so much more motivated and brought me out of that feeling of ‘what’s the point, why bother?’. It changed my whole outlook on everything.” – Rebecca, 42, Quality Living Group participant

What type of groups are on offer?

Our emotional support groups are varied and cover:

  • Adult groups
  • Seniors groups
  • Parents groups
  • Carers groups

These groups run regularly throughout the year and some can be taken after hours for working people.

How the group will support you:

While everyone’s experience is unique, some things you can expect to learn from the group include:

  • Strategies to cope, build resilience and gain confidence.
  • Useful tips on how others who are blind or have low vision handle everyday tasks.
  • An idea of what technologies are available to support your independence (smartphones to help you read menus or identify colours, reading aids, magnifiers, library access etc.).
  • Ways to talk about your eye condition with friends, family and strangers and how to handle negative questions.
  • Strategies on overcoming isolation.
  • Creating a social support network and new friends you can rely on.

Eligibility and cost?

The program is open to anyone who is blind or has low vision, is a parent (whether they have vision loss themselves or care for a child with vision loss) or someone who cares for a loved one with blindness or low vision.

This program is covered by your NDIS plan or your Home Care Package.

If you don’t have access to these funding options, the program is still open to you. We understand that each person’s circumstances are different, so please get in touch and we can discuss options with you.

Call Vision Australia on 1300 84 74 66 and mention Quality Living Groups.